Student Organizations

SCI Affiliated

Beta Phi Mu Student Interest Group

The Beta Phi Mu Student Interest Group serves to encourage high academic achievement, community service, extracurricular scholarly production, and professional development activity among students in the Masters of Library and Information Science (MLIS) program in the School of Computing and Information. This offers a connection with members of the Pi Chapter of Beta Phi Mu, which is the local chapter of an international honor society, community service, professional development, and leadership opportunities. For more information, please visit the Beta Phi Mu website.

Computer Science Club

The Computer Science Club (CSC) aims to connect and grow the computer science community at the University of Pittsburgh. CSC provides support to members by offering sponsorships and providing a variety of programs including internship training, student-run competitions, mentorship guidance, alumni networking, and specialized interest groups. With a focus on connection to students, CSC fosters an inclusive environment where students can strengthen their skills, make connections, and learn from resources that will prepare them for success. For more information, visit the CSC website at

Kappa Theta Pi

As the world’s first co-educational professional technology fraternity, Kappa Theta Pi sponsors events aimed at providing intellectual, social, and professional resources to members. Kappa Theta Pi prioritizes building a community of technology-minded students while pursuing philanthropic opportunities in the community. Through the offered workshops, alumni panels, private company recruitment, and resources, Kappa Theta Pi encourages students to hone their skills in pursuit of professional success. For more information, visit the Kappa Theta Pi website at

Minority Association in Computing (MAC)

Minority Association in Computing (MAC) offers underrepresented minorities interested in computing an inclusive environment to foster a safe, expressive community. Through education, community, and mentorship, MAC teaches underrepresented students methods to overcome challenges faced by minorities. Weekly meetings allow members to engage in community building, networking, professional development, and executive engagement. Social events also provide a space for students to engage with others and build relationships.

Official Association for Students of Information Science (OASIS)

Open to any undergraduate students in a relevant field or interested in the Information Sciences, the Official Association for Students of Information Science is dedicated to empowering members through connections and facilitating a social and professional network. Opportunities include meetings featuring information technology professionals speaking about their educational background and career, and social events allowing students to form connections with like-minded members and share their experiences in the School of Computing and Information. OASIS also allows members to share their resume with partnerships companies and OASIS sponsors, allowing students to connect with companies actively looking to hire. For more information, visit the OASIS website at

Student Archives Group

The Student Archives Group offers the opportunity for students with a professional interest in archival work to network with established professionals, professional development opportunities, and other prospective professionals and likeminded students. These networking opportunities are available through various seminars, panels, and other informational events with a focus on professional archival work.

Student Chapter of the American Library Association

The Student Chapter of the American Library Association supports members with access to professional contacts within the field of librarianship, involvement in professional activities beyond the classroom, and opportunities to engage in a local forum for the exchange of ideas and information. SCALA aims to help members develop skills and relationships that will allow them to have a creative impact on the profession, and increase the awareness of national issues in library and information science. For more information, visit the SCALA SORC page at

Women in Computer Science

Women in Computer Science focuses on building a diverse, friendly environment for women in the field of computer science and other technology related fields. Events centered around professional development, social engagement, and networking aim to support students and provide resources for members of any discipline. Partnerships with companies including PNC, Argo AI, and Honeywell allow for networking events to expose members to professional networking opportunities. Other programs include a formal event and a mentoring program designed to bring together a community with shared interests. For more information, visit the WiCS website at

Other Relevant Organizations

Check out other relevant student organizations outside of SCI, like the Robotics & Automation Society, Pittsburgh Electric Propulsion, and more on Pitt’s student organization directory